Coach Glue – Tools, Templates and Training specializes in three things.

1. Tools to help coaches run their businesses more efficiently and more profitably.

2. Templates which are packages that coaches, consultants, and online business owners can use to establish their expertise. All packages include PowerPoint slides that our members can use to create webinars, telseminars, do live presentations, or turn into short video clips.

3. Training. We also provide training to help you to grow your coaching business.

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We’ll be coming out with bunches of affiliate tools. But for now, here are a few to get started with…

Ezine Solo Ads

Yes, you may edit this or rewrite this completely. This is provided to give you ideas.

One of the biggest needs that marketers have is creating step-by-step training.

For instance, an “Instant Expert” package that comes with …

1. A detailed report
2. Lots of Screenshots
3. Powerpoint slides to teach from or turn into videos
4. And more – including sales page, graphics, etc.

Guess what? You can now get exactly that.

The topic?


Check it out here:

So, what exactly can you do with this?

You can…

– Sell the “How to” report as is. Then upsell your coaching,
“done for you” service, or additional training to the customers.

OR, you can take advantage of the power of multimedia, and…

– Host a series of webinars to establish yourself as a Social Media
expert and get people to hire you.

– Use the powerpoint slides to create YouTube videos or
a multi-media course that you can sell as a high ticket item.

– Create training for your membership sites or your customers.

– Translate the course and teach overseas markets.

– Use the material to do live presentations in your community
to get local clients.

– If you’re a service provider, sell the “Do it Yourself” course,
and then upsell the “I’ll do it for you” version at a higher price.

What if you don’t have PowerPoint? No problem. There’s a free
version at that you can use. Or hire someone at
Shelancers to do it for you!

Here’s the full scoop:


Create Interactive Training in an Hour

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold have both seen a growing
need for interactive products that are easy to understand
and implement. But as a business owner, you know that
the cost and time investment in creating these types of
products is a bit of a downer. So they’ve come up with a solution!


CoachGlue …and it’s not just for coaches. Whether
you’re an information marketer, consultant, or service provider,
our content gives you the ability to quickly and easily:

* Produce Video or Audio
* Host a Webinar or Teleseminar
* Prepare Offline Presentations
* Sell as an Info Product straight out of the box

And the latest package topic is, (INSERT TITLE)!

–> LINK <–

This package is limited, and will no longer be available once
all of the licenses have been sold out.


Pick up this instant info product package today and give
your clients and customers the learning experience they crave
and teach them how to quickly and easily (INSERT PACKAGE TITLE).

Text Ads for Social Media

Ready made multi-media training? Oh yeah. It’s here… (link)