EasyPLR Affiliates: Lots of Cool Happenings

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Hi. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com. I hope you’re having
a great day!

I have a few quick updates for you about IncomeCPR.com.

1. This month’s lesson at IncomeCPR.com is all about marketing with free reports and the 8 ways that I use my content as free reports to get more traffic and make more money.

2. I added a huge, valuable bonus to those who join IncomeCPR.com – a graphics package to help my members to jazz up their sales pages – and make more money. (You can see it on the sales page at IncomeCPR.com)

3. BlogCPR.com is selling nicely. The feedback has been AWESOME and people have been telling me they’re going to be making a lot more money with the tips they’ve learned.

4. You can tell your lists about all of these things… to make more money.

Notice a trend? 🙂 I want us to all make more money together!

Promote soon and promote often and that can happen.

You’ll find your affiliate link in the IncomeCPR.com members area if you’ve already got an account.

If not, you can sign up for an affiliate account here:

I’m running behind on the text interviews, but you can still get your spot in line.
I’m planning on spending one full workday this week doing nothing but catching up on

So, If you have 2-5 questions you’d like to ask for a quick blog text
interview/guest post from me, just click “reply” with the following:

– Your Name
– URL where interview will be posted
– Your 2-5 Questions

Questions must be based around the topic of blogging for profit. They
content I write must remain copyrighted (as well as credited) to me,
although you have permission to post it on your blog. BlogCPR.com and/or
EasyPLR.com must be promoted in the post.

Thank you!

Nicole Dean

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New Promotions for PLR Content

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Hello again. I hope you’re having a great day!


We just whipped up a great new article to promote my EasyPLR.com site.

4 Common Misconceptions about PLR Content

You can copy/paste/profit with me here:
PLR Content Misconceptions



If you’re looking for more traffic, you also want to be sure to check out this video.

Here’s the link:
Free Q&A Traffic Video

I hope you like it!


Watch for an announcement tomorrow about my latest PLR site.
For those of you who are counting, you’re right, this will be #4. 🙂
I’d love to have you profit with me.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

How to Rebrand my RSS Feed for EasyPLR.com

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You can now rebrand my RSS feed and get updated products showing on your blog automatically!

Here’s how:

Enter Your Affiliate ID in the next page and you’ll receive a custom RSS feed that you can add to your blog – WITH your affiliate link embedded:

This is powered by RSS Rebrander.

–> Click here to rebrand our RSS Feed. <–

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