EasyPLR.com Affiliates: 100% Commissions This Month

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Hi. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com. I hope you’re having
a great day!

I decided to do something fun this month. 100% Commissions.

Here’s the scoop.

For EVERY affiliate who sells $25 or more this month (through EasyPLR.com)
– you’ll get * 100% commission * for your sales. (August 1-31, 2011)

That means, if you sell $100 in PLR, you’ll get $100 instead of the usual $50.

What should you do to take advantage of this opportunity?

  1. Grab your affiliate link.
  2. Tell your lists about how PLR can save them time and make them more money.
  3. Grab my money-making articles & post them on your blog – then send a note about them to your lists. You’ll find all of my articles for copy/paste/profit here: Nicole Dean Brandable Articles
  4. Post on Facebook about PLR and about your blog posts that you’re posting about it.
  5. Share how YOU use PLR in your business.

REMEMBER – I have Google Alerts set to notify me when my name is posted anywhere on the ‘net.
Every time you post on your blog about me, my Virtual Assistant promotes those links
through Social Bookmarking sites. So, post often and we’ll be promoting you!

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Nicole Dean

PS. Please note this is for EasyPLR.com only, not my other PLR sites. Thanks!

Did you Know that I’m Promoting You?

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Hi. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com. I hope you’re having a great day!

You may not realize it, but I’m promoting you. 🙂

My Assistant has Google Alert Notifications set up for my name.
I’ve asked him to submit every blog post that he gets notice of
that mentions me to the social bookmarking services and sites.

So, I’ll hopefully be sending you some traffic and link love in thanks
for sending me some. I think that’s only fair to do, don’t you?

Your site will be bookmarked by one of these three sites:

* Social Adr -> My Social Adr Review/
* Social Monkee -> My link
* OnlyWire.com

Want some excuses to mention me? 😉

You can copy/paste/profit with me here:

Just grab any of those articles and publish it – with YOUR affiliate link in it.


I’ve put together a sneak peek of this month’s IncomeCPR.com report
that talks about List Management and Strategies.

Here’s the pdf:

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Nicole Dean

New Promotions for PLR Content

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Hello again. I hope you’re having a great day!


We just whipped up a great new article to promote my EasyPLR.com site.

4 Common Misconceptions about PLR Content

You can copy/paste/profit with me here:
PLR Content Misconceptions



If you’re looking for more traffic, you also want to be sure to check out this video.

Here’s the link:
Free Q&A Traffic Video

I hope you like it!


Watch for an announcement tomorrow about my latest PLR site.
For those of you who are counting, you’re right, this will be #4. 🙂
I’d love to have you profit with me.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Latest PLR Articles for Your Blog

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Hello, Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com here. I hope you’re having
a great day!

If you’re looking for things to blog about this week – you can always
copy/paste and profit with my articles. 🙂

Here’s how…

I just launched a brand new course to help
infoproduct sellers earn more
profits. Here’s where you can check it out:

In order to make it easier on you as an affiliate, I added
a new article you can post as a guest blog post
from me – with YOUR affiliate link in it.


Here are the latest titles:

  • Dear Affiliate Manager, Women are from Venus
  • 4 Reasons Why I’m Promoting your Competition and Not You
  • 7 Ways to Tell if your Affiliate Program Stinks

Here’s where you can grab all of them:
Free Affiliate Articles


You’ll notice on that page I also have a new article
promoting my JustAddSweat guides.

The title is called:
* Did you Love the Movie “Julie and Julia”? You Can Live It!

You can now put that article on your blog WITH your affiliate link
in it.

Grab it here:
How to Start a Cooking Blog


Also, if you want to submit articles to FreeAffiliateArticles.com,
here’s where you can do it:
Submit Free Affiliate Articles


Have a great day! You deserve it.



Nicole Dean

Grow My Business and I’ll Grow Yours!

April 6, 2011 by · 7 Comments 

Grow My Business and I’ll Grow Yours!

It’s time for another fun affiliate contest. I hope this one gets you excited about promoting InfoProduct Profits Uncovered.

The first thing you need to do is grab your affiliate link for IncomeCPR.com
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Contest dates April 5-April 30th

This contest will be based on a points system.

Every $1 you earn in commission will count as a point.

So, when you log into your account and check how much you’ve earned — THAT number is also how many points you’ve earned, too.

So, if you’ve referred 10 members and have earned $50, then you also have 50 points. Got it? 🙂

What can you get with your points? Ooooh… I’m so glad you asked.

Each prize below has been designed to grow YOUR business. So, you grow my business and you’ll earn prizes to grow yours, too!

There are a few guaranteed prizes, and also some a la cart where you can pick and choose what you want.

You will automatically get the following at each point level below (without using any points)… and, yes, they are cumulative!

  • 25 points – If you’ve got articles in your affiliate center – my VA will take them and post them on www.FreeAffiliateArticles.com so you don’t have to. (10 article max. Bios must be already written to promote your product – and must have an easy way for your affiliates to promote that product)
  • 50 points – We will publish an original free ebook of yours (if you have one) on www.Free-EbooksOnline.com
  • 100 points – We will add one of your Brandable Reports (if you have one) to www.BrandableStuff.com (which goes out to a list of affiliates)

PLUS, you can shop with your points from these prizes… Mix and match or save up for a big prize. 🙂

1. Get Promotional Materials Created for YOUR Product or Service.

Tracy Roberts at Easy Affiliate Toolbox has offered to create promotional tools for YOUR product or service! So, if you are in need of some banners, ebook covers, articles, or promo emails – she’ll set you up!

Here’s what you can get with your points…

  • 5 Text Ads, Suitable for Social Media (5 points)
  • Article using your preferred keywords (15 points)
  • Button or Banner Ad (20 points)
  • eBook cover (20 points)
  • Promotional Email (20 points)
  • Create a Brandable Report from One of your Existing Blog Posts or Articles (30 points)

2.  PLR from EasyPLR.com.

  • 1 point = $1 towards anything that’s in stock on www.EasyPLR.com (ie. 10 points would earn a $10 credit towards anything on EasyPLR.com)

3.  Niche Research Package of your Choice.

  • My good friend, Susanne Myers, has offered up a niche research pack of your choice for only 10 points! (Limit one.)  Click here to check them out: www.NicheResearchPacks.com

4.  Personal Time with Me.

  • 1/2 hour brainstorming time with me on Skype with optional screensharing (35 points)
  • Blog or Affiliate Center Critique (40 points)
  • Two 1/2 hour brainstorming sessions with me (50 points)

And, of course… no contest would be complete without this prize.

5.  Save up and earn an iPad 2.

  • Earn 400 points and you can use your points to get an iPad 2. Oh yeah, I went there! 🙂

I’ll be in touch after the end of the contest to get you your prizes.

I’m here to help YOU make money. 

Nicole Dean 

Not-so-Small Print (ie. the rules): Don’t Spam. Behave. I reserve the right to refuse or delay prizes to people who are being stinkers for any reason. The end. 

*Important: Affiliate referrals are for bringing in new customers. Any referrals that come through ordering through your own affiliate link  will be reversed and credit will be given to the appropriate person.

Affiliate Contest: Can I Give you Prizes?

January 31, 2011 by · 12 Comments 

Spread the Word. Win Cool Prizes!

It’s time for another fun affiliate contest. I hope this one gets you excited about promoting EasyPLR.com 🙂

The first thing you need to do is grab your affiliate link for EasyPLR.com
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Contest dates Feb 1 – March 31st

What Can You Win? (Does a Kindle or an iPad Sound Good?)

As an affiliate marketer, I don’t care for contests where only the “Top” affiliate gets a prize. How do I know if that person sold $50 or $50,000 in products? It doesn’t give me a baseline to compete. So I normally don’t bother.

I want to get you excited about promoting EasyPLR. Like REALLY excited. So I’m guaranteeing prizes for certain levels of sales. Every affiliate who makes a certain amount of sales during the 2 months of the contest will receive the prize at whatever level you reach below.  (Prizes are not cumulative – meaning you don’t get both the kindle and iPad.)

With $150 in sales, you will get a $50 Gift Certificate to ThinkGeek.com or Amazon.com


With $500 in sales, you can choose either a Nook or a Kindle.


At $1000 in sales, you instead get an iPad.

Average order size for EasyPLR.com is $25. Most customers buy repeatedly, so you very likely will get multiple orders from your referrals during the contest period.

And, yes, of course, you still receive your regular commission. You earned it!

Here are 20 Ways to Make Money with the EasyPLR.com Affiliate Program.

Watch for an email from helper@easyplr.com at the end of the contest period for information on how to claim your prizes! 🙂

I’m here to help YOU make money.

Nicole Dean

Not-so-Small Print (ie. the rules): Don’t Spam. Behave. I reserve the right to refuse or delay prizes to people who are being stinkers for any reason. The end.

*Important: Affiliate referrals are for bringing in new customers. Any referrals that come through ordering through your own affiliate link  will be reversed and credit will be given to the appropriate person.



Winners of the iPad 2:

The Kindle Winners are…

And, the Winners of the Amazon Gift Certificates are…

  • Tawnya Sutherland
  • Mike Paetzold
  • Debra Conrad
  • Melanie Kissell
  • Tiffany Dow
  • Audre Hill
  • Amy Bleser

Affiliate Game: Everyone Wins!

October 21, 2010 by · 33 Comments 

Everyone Wins!

Everyone wins with this game. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a huge site with bunches of traffic or if you’re just starting off — you can win prizes either way! (Plus, earn 50% commission for every sale.)

The first thing you need to do is grab your affiliate link for EasyPLR.com
Log In Here!
Not an affiliate yet? Sign Up Here!

Then, play to win.

EVERY SINGLE AFFILIATE who completes at least 7 of the items listed below will win the “I’m an Awesome Affiliate” Prize Pack (which includes cash, free PLR and access to a link building course that’s currently being sold for $81 – details below) .

UPDATE! Prizes have been increased. Now you can get 2 packs of PLR articles of your choice plus $20 just for doing what you’re already doing!

Here’s how to Play…

Simply Complete 7 of the items listed below
between the dates of October 21-31st and You’ll Win!

(Past promotions don’t count for this contest, except for items #1, 3, 4, and 12-17.)

Remember, many of the items below will also help you earn affiliate commission, so complete as many as you can — and you’ll profit from it!

Aim to Complete at Least One Item per Day.

1. Put our Button or Banner on your Site

Right now, this graphic is converting well for me:

You’ll find more graphics to choose from here:
EasyPLR Promotional Tools

2. Add an email signature with your affiliate link to the bottom of all emails you send out for at least three days.

Here are some you can use…

  • I save time with EasyPLR.com (<-use your aff link)
  • Find out how I get quality content for my blog here.
  • What is the Bloggers secret weapon? Find out here.

3. Share your Testimonial.

Do you use EasyPLR and love it? Have you gotten results that you’d like to share? If so, post your testimonial here: EasyPLR Testimonials (If you do a video testimonial and post it on YouTube, too, you can count this one twice.) 🙂

4. Brand our RSS Feed and Add it to your Blog

This only takes a few minutes. Here’s how. Brandable RSS Feed.

5. Add one of my videos to your blog.

Grab Promotional Videos Here If you don’t know how to embed a YouTube video, here’s a tutorial: How to Embed a YouTube Video

6. Create a video about EasyPLR and post it on YouTube.

7. Have me as a Guest Blogger by adding one of my reprint articles to your website or blog.

I have Many Brandable Articles – Publish these articles on your Blog. Just replace the link at the end of the article with YOUR affiliate link for EasyPLR.com

  • PLR Articles: How to Choose a Good Service
    Oftentimes, the PLR services you may have tried are lacking in several areas. So, what makes a good PLR service and how can you make sure that you don’t waste you money on a bad one?
  • PLR vs. Ghostwriting: Which is Better?
    Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and ghostwritten articles are both options when you need web content. Each is unique in its qualities and each has its drawbacks.
  • PLR vs. Free Reprint Articles: Which is Best?
    Content is always in high demand. Right now the focus seems to be on Private Label Rights (or PLR) articles. PLR articles are pre-written and sold in packages to online businesses looking for content. The big selling points of PLR articles are that you may edit the articles and that there is no author bio required (so they don’t have any outbound links).
  • PLR and Ghostwritten Articles: Are they Ethical?
    Private label rights (or PLR) articles and ghostwritten articles are used by web owners as a method of outsourcing some of their content.
  • What Can you Do with PLR Articles?
    You may have seen the term Private Label Rights or PLR articles being tossed around frequently lately. PLR articles are articles you can buy (usually in packages or as part of a membership) that you may edit and use as you wish. Unlike free reprint articles, you are not required to link back to anyone else’s website which makes them appealing to many web publishers.

8. Recommend EasyPLR.com to your newsletter list.

9. Write an original blog post and link to any category page with your affiliate link.

Here’s how…Replace XXXX with your affiliate ID…

  • Boomer & Aging PLR:
  • Family & Parenting PLR:
  • Food & Cooking PLR:
  • Green PLR:
  • Health PLR:
  • Internet Marketing PLR:
  • Finance PLR:
  • Weight Loss PLR:

10. Mention us on your Facebook wall.

11. Chat about us on Twitter.

12. Create a Squidoo Lens and Link to Us!

Simply go to www.Squidoo.com and start a lens.

13. Custom Error Page

Do you have an error page set up for your website? If not, you’re losing money.
It’s very simple to do if you’re using hosting with a cpanel like www.MomWebs.com — just log into your cpanel and click on the “Error Pages” icon. Then, go to the “404” and enter your page html there. We’ve provided some code below that you may use. Just be sure to replace “YOURAFFILIATELINK” with your affiliate link.

The page you’re looking for has moved… and that’s good news for you! You found a hidden page. And, I’ll share with you a hidden gem.(Insert promo for EasyPLR here)

Your Name

14. Custom Thank You Page

Set up your ezine thank you page sends your reader to a page that refers them to EasyPLR.com. If you’re using this autoresponder it’s easy to do!
Here’s an idea for you.

Thank you so much for signing up for (insert your list name here).I’d like to share a resource that has helped me save time and money.(Insert promo for EasyPLR here)

Your Name

15. Add us to your Autoresponder

Don’t just do one ezine blast to your list, insert an autoresponder message to tell EVERY new subscriber about EasyPLR.com — and watch your income increase on autopilot. We recommend this autoresponder.

16. Link to us in a free report.

17. Mention us on your download page for a paid product.

18. Talk about us in a Teleseminar or Webinar.

19. Give us a Shout Out in your Podcast – perhaps as a sponsor or recommended resource.

20. Tell your AFFILIATES about EasyPLR.com. Either send a mailing to them or add a recommendation to your affiliate tools page. They’ll have more content to help you make more money!

What Do you Win?

Every affiliate who completes 7 of the items above will win these business-boosting prizes…

1. Business Course: Beginner Link Building
Every participant who completes at least 7 of the items on the list will receive this course that currently sells for $27/month for 3 months = $81

2. Cash.
$20 Paypal Payment. Just for your time, to say “Thank you”. (You may get more if you are really creative!)

3. Free PLR Articles.
Your choice of any 2 PLR article packs from EasyPLR: Choose from available article packs here.

4. Free Traffic.
I may use your work as examples on my blog NicoleontheNet.com and/or in my courses where you’ll get exposure to your websites.

ALSO: I will put everyone who qualifies (by completing 7 items above)  into a drawing to win $50 Amazon or Think Geek gift cards. (2 winners will be chosen at random)

Simply post below with links to everything you do (or if you prefer to email us just send it to helper@easyplr.com) – and we’ll get you set up! 🙂

If you’d like to donate a prize that is a business course or tool that you normally sell and does not require an optin for my winners to collect it, contact us at helper@easyplr.com.

I’m here to help YOU make money.
Nicole Dean

Not-so-Small Print (ie. the rules): Don’t Spam. Behave. I reserve the right to refuse prizes to people who are being stinkers for any reason. The end.

How to Rebrand my RSS Feed for EasyPLR.com

October 12, 2010 by · 6 Comments 

You can now rebrand my RSS feed and get updated products showing on your blog automatically!

Here’s how:

Enter Your Affiliate ID in the next page and you’ll receive a custom RSS feed that you can add to your blog – WITH your affiliate link embedded:

This is powered by RSS Rebrander.

–> Click here to rebrand our RSS Feed. <–

Would you like to become an affiliate? Sign Up Here! | Already an affiliate? Log In Here!