A new income stream for you in 2016.

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Hi. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com. I hope you’re having
a great day!

As an EasyPLR affiliate, I thought you might be interested in this. 🙂

Over at CoachGlue.com we also sell PLR but we call it “Done for You”
content, workbooks and workshops.  And we don’t just help coaches. Our
customers include bloggers, Virtual Assistants and other Service
Providers, Offline consultants, and experts of all types.

AND, we pay ongoing.

For instance, we have several affiliates who had not promoted us at ALL in 2015
who made money this year from their past promotions.

Seriously, they had ZERO clicks this year and still earned money from us.

In 2015, one made $370, another made $997, a third affiliate made $1229, and
one even made $1437 from promotions that they’d done back in 2013 and 2014.

Just imagine how much they would have made it they’d promoted consistently. 😉
But that’s a discussion for another day.

Spread the word about us using your affiliate link. You’ll earn on the front end and future sales.
Everything is run through our Infusionsoft cart so you profit from every CoachGlue item that we
sell to your referrals from $17 packages to our $997/year program.

If that sounds like something you would love, here’s how to get your link…

Sign up to become an affiliate here:

Or if you’re already a CoachGlue affiliate, you can log in for your link here:

Thank YOU so much for all your support, I greatly appreciate you!!

Nicole Dean


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